The definition of public relations is elusive. So elusive, that a national crowdsourcing campaign convened in 2011 to create a universally accepted definition. “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”  Still fuzzy, right?

Publicists are problem solvers and storytellers.

We are the utility players on the team. We are versatile. We know when to pitch the media, when to stay quiet and when to stage an event. We can tell (often before you) if a small problem will turn into a front page crisis.  And we certainly know how to get your name in the newspaper. We at Black Fly Media are experts in the communication field, we practice multiple disciplines of communication and we select the methods that are most effective to reaching your business goals.

The Black Fly Media PR team has an undeniable advantage: we’ve worked in the state’s largest advertising agencies and also its busiest television newsrooms. We have a unique blend of true grit and polished presentation skills. We know how to talk to reporters because we are reporters. With over 18 years in the trenches, we know that journalists are second to none at distilling a complex topic and delivering it to the correct audience in an engaging way.

Content Strategy & Social Media

In a quickly changing social media landscape, it used to be that just having content was enough. Now good content and a strategy to promote it is needed to reach your audience in a meaningful way. A content strategy applied to your social platforms will drive people in a purposeful direction toward the business goals. Now that you’ve got that video, make it work for you. Let us create a strategy to support the reason you created it. Want to sell more widgets? Want the press to see it? We can help.

“I started my collaboration with Diana at a time when our company was facing a crisis. She jumped in, trained my team and turned our attitude from defensive to proactive. This made a huge difference in our morale, our results and our team. Since this defining moment, Diana has been a great partner to developing a sound and strategic public relations and media strategy.”

– Patricia Rosi, CEO, Wellness Connection of Maine


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